Low Price Promise Low Price Promise

Cheaper than Tesco

or we’ll give you a voucher

The chances are, your comparable shopping already costs you less at Ocado than at tesco.com. But if it doesn’t, we’ll automatically give you a voucher for more than the difference – right up to £10.*

You’ll save a few pennies, maybe more, but either way we do all the checking for you. All you have to do is shop.

What’s included:

Anything that has a like-for-like equivalent at tesco.com. That means:

  • Your favourite brands
  • Ocado own-label or essential Waitrose
  • Promotions
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Our Low Price Promise is simple
  1. You add any of the thousands of products with this symbol to your order.
  2. We compare the total price of those products at the checkout with what you would have paid for an equivalent order at tesco.com – including promotions.
  3. If we’re not cheaper, you’ll get a voucher for more than the difference (up to £10) to use on your next shop.