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Your Instant Shop

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Next time you shop with us, why not try our handy Your Instant Shop feature. It’s an innovative feature which creates a ‘suggested order’, based on your Ocado shopping history. It works out what you like to buy, how often you like to buy it and even how much of it you usually buy. You can fine-tune your ‘suggested order’ if you want, or just sit back and let us work it all out for you.

To fine-tune your ‘suggested order’, you simply tell us which products we should always include in your order; ones we should never include, and ones that you’re happy for Your Instant Shop to add, based on your previous orders. You can also move products between the three categories by clicking on the options underneath each image.

Don’t worry about specifying the quantity of each item – Your Instant Shop will work that out for you too. It even works hand-in-hand with our Ocado Reserved service, so you can set up and book a regular delivery slot and typical order in seconds.

We think you’ll love using it, because it’ll make shopping at Ocado even quicker and easier. In fact, it's going to change the way you shop forever.