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Invite a friend

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As a regular Ocado customer, we know you love our award-winning service. So why not share the experience by inviting your friends to shop with us and share some Ocado vouchers between you?

Simply use our quick invite a friend form to suggest that they try our service, and if they go on to shop with us, we’ll give them some vouchers to use when they do. We’ll also send some vouchers your way as a little thank you. It’s that easy.

Even better, you can refer up to 20 friends, so you could land yourself a whole load of Ocado vouchers in the end. Not bad for 30 seconds work, really.

How it works:

  • Log into your Ocado account.
  • Click on the invite a friend link under your shopping trolley.
  • Invite your friend to shop with Ocado.
Invite a friend to shop with Ocado