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Ocado Reserved

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Forgotten to book your delivery, or just too busy? Sign up to Ocado Reserved and you’ll never have worry about getting your favourite time slot again.

It’s completely flexible

Got a holiday booked? Lucky you. Just swap your delivery day, or tell us when you’ll be away and we’ll restart your deliveries when you’re back.

Save on time

It works with Your Instant Shop, so there’s no messing around. We’ll create a suggested order each time based on what you usually buy, then give you a week to add to or edit it before delivery. You can let us do all the hard work for you, or tell us to ‘always include’ or ‘never include’ a particular item – so you’re always in complete control.

It’s on the house

Signing up to Ocado Reserved is completely free. Just enter your details when you’re next online, and you’ll never have to worry about booking a delivery slot again.

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