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Making light work of heavy weather

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We made our reputation by delivering the best service in the country. To give you an example of our hard work and dedication, the UK was hit by severe weather over Christmas (our busiest time) in 2009, but we still delivered an amazing average of almost 99 out of 100 orders on the scheduled day. We did it by pulling out all the stops - working through the night, digging out vans and trudging through snow to deliver precious Christmas orders.

That's the commitment you can expect every time you place an order with us, whatever the weather.

Obviously we can't promise what we can't deliver - sometimes severe weather gets the better of us all - but we will never delay or cancel orders without good reason. Remember, even if you can't see blankets of white stuff outside your window, our drivers might be experiencing severe weather conditions on the way to you.

We're prepared for the worst

All Ocado vans are fitted with snow tyres during winter months, and all head office staff are trained to support our customer service team if normal service is affected for any reason.

Our bad weather delivery promise

  • We do everything possible to make sure you get your groceries.
  • We only cancel orders as a last resort, in severe weather conditions like snow or floods.
  • We always aim to re-deliver cancelled orders as soon as we can.
  • If our service is affected, we will update our website regularly and keep you updated by email or phone. Please update your Ocado contact details now so we can get in touch if we have a problem delivering to you.