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Ocado brings you Life.

Because we deliver from a dedicated warehouse rather than picking from supermarket shelves, your groceries have always arrived as fresh as can be.

What does it all mean?

What does the Life guarantee do?

It allows that you can shop with confidence, knowing that the products you buy are as fresh as can be.

Why is it fresher?

We've invested in lots of amazing technology and tightened up our processes to whizz fresh produce from supplier to kitchen table quicker than ever. This means many of your groceries will be a whole day or more fresher than before.

How can I be sure it's fresher?

We've never hidden anything from our customers. Because we know exactly how fresh our food is, we're proud to display the minimum product life we guarantee for this item from delivery. That's something no other online food retailer can do. And, because most of the time, it lasts longer than the minimum, we'll also tell you each product's average life, based on data from the previous week.

Where can I find Life information?

You'll find this information in the new Life box underneath each item on our website. Once you've booked a delivery slot, you can also sort your groceries by 'use-by' date using the new Life view in your trolley.

How are you able to do this?

Our produce comes straight from our chilled warehouse, not a supermarket shelf, so we've always been able to keep a close eye on our stock. And nothing has been handled by customers or left sitting around for days before it arrives at your door. And unlike supermarkets, we never sell products right up to their 'use by' date. So when we say it's fresh produce, we mean exactly that.

Doesn't that mean more waste?

Not at all. In fact, because we're able to keep such a close eye on our stock levels, we have the lowest food waste of any food retailer in the world today. And what we don't use is sold to Ocado staff at reduced prices (because we won't sell anything with a short 'use-by' date to our customers), or given to a local farm. In short, nothing is wasted.

How will it help me?

It means that you'll be able to transform your fridge from a mere chilled food store to an efficient, well-run machine. By including Life information on our website, you'll be able to plan your shop, choose food that fits into your week and, as a result, cut down on waste too.