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Responsible recycling

Ocado bags

Bags better for the planet

We can’t eliminate grocery bags from our deliveries yet (although we’re working hard on it), but we’re doing all we can to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible. Our pioneering way of doing business means we don’t have any stores, so, unlike traditional supermarkets, we can keep track of our bags, making it possible to collect and recycle them again.

Closed-loop recycling

We believe that we were the first UK grocery retailer to invest in closed-loop grocery bag recycling. This means that when you return your bags to our delivery drivers, they’re brought back to our warehouse, where they’re sorted and recycled into shiny new bags ready for your next delivery. We can even recycle grocery bags from other shops and supermarkets into new Ocado bags too.

Reusing your carrier bags

Many supermarkets have introduced ‘bags for life’ in an attempt to cut down on grocery bags handed out at checkout. But a study by the Environment Agency last year shows this is a less than ideal solution.

In order for these ‘bags for life’ to have a ‘lower global warming potential’ than standard grocery bags, they have to be frequently reused. In fact, the study found paper bags, ‘bags for life’ and cotton bags have to be reused at least three, four and 131 times respectively.

When a standard grocery bag is reused as, say, a bin liner, then those numbers go up further. A paper bag would have to be reused four times, a ‘bag for life’ five times, and a cotton bag 173 times.

Our grocery bags use approximately 25% less raw material than standard grocery bags and are easier to store. Perfect for use as bin liners if you do forget to hand them back with your driver.

Packing our bags

We've redesigned the container in our delivery vans that the grocery bags sit in so that they can be packed more easily in our warehouse. This in turn has helped us to reduce the number of bags in each container, or ‘tote’, to an absolute minimum – whilst still protecting your shopping.

Batteries included

We encourage responsible battery recycling. At the bottom of every battery product page, we include a reminder to consider the environment when you throw away your used batteries. Many local councils allow you to include batteries in your household recycling; alternatively, please see to find your nearest battery recycling point.