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The Waitrose Foundation

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In 2005, Waitrose set up a partnership called the Waitrose Foundation to improve the lives of the farm workers and smallholders who grow produce in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana.

Along with growers, importers and exporters, Waitrose passes a percentage of the sales from this produce into a trust to pay for projects chosen by farm workers and smallholder committees.

Each committee agrees what projects are needed by their workers, then works with the Waitrose Foundation to turn those plans into reality. These range from literacy and additional skills-training for the farm workers, to much needed crèche and after-school facilities for their families.

It’s still early days, but the Foundation has already funded over 200 projects that have benefitted over 22,000 workers, with many more planned for the future.

We’re proud to say that Ocado has already contributed well over £100,000 to the Waitrose Foundation; a number that will continue to grow with every purchase of Waitrose Foundation fruit.