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Ocado was launched in January 2000 as a concept and started trading as a business in partnership with Waitrose in January 2002. We now cover a wide area of England and Wales, delivering lots of lovely Waitrose groceries, our own range of groceries and an increasing number of small, specialist or up-and-coming brands that we are proud to champion.

Our business was originally conceived with one simple objective in mind: to offer busy people a true alternative to going to the supermarket every week. By doing this, we have created a totally new shopping experience, built entirely around our customers' needs. In the process we have created a business we absolutely love, nurtured by the fantastic Ocado family around us.

Quality has always been the key to our approach in everything we try to do. It begins with our celebrated partnership with Waitrose. Ocado customers receive the fine groceries and value for money for which Waitrose is famous – delivered by the Ocado service that has been built for that purpose. We’ve won ourselves a name for delivering consistently first-class customer service without being too big to humbly admit our mistakes when we make them.

We are fiercely proud of the business we have created. In one mad decade we have grown from three people in a single-roomed office in central London into a business with several thousand people serving millions of customers around the UK. We are also proud to be in the “food business”. Put simply: food and eating is central to life and good food is one of life's greatest pleasures. Cooking and communal eating are things that are timeless and have been part of the human experience since we stopped living in trees! It is a universal truth that food brings us all together in a way that almost nothing else does. Eating is as fundamental to being human as dancing or singing, or contemplating why we exist and what we are all here for. So we are proud to do what we do: a real business serving a real purpose.

By picking and packing every order in a dedicated warehouse, we can show 'live stock levels' on our website, enabling our customers to choose things that we actually have in stock. We know this is something customers appreciate. By using unique logistics software and satellite navigation systems in our vans, we strive to deliver the right goods at the right time. Relying on the British road infrastructure as we do, this can be trying at times, but we do our very best.

But what makes us truly different is the quality of our people. Everyone who works at Ocado has a responsibility to find a better way to do things. They use common sense instead of corporate manuals and, care enough to make a difference. We all share a passion to change the wonderful (but eminently improvable) world of retailing, and to do it with good grace and humour!

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