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TV ads

Our TV ads tend to concentrate on specific aspects of our service, like our delivery pass or our biodiesel vans. Bet you didn’t know our vans were quite so big inside!

TV displaying green Ocado van

TV advert - January 2010

TV advert - Current Ocado Way image

This Direct Response ad made a big deal about the big savings to be made with our prepay Ocado Delivery Pass.

TV advert


Ocado Way image

Shopping with Ocado is better for the environment. This ad shows how the famous Ocado van keeps up to 20 cars off the road – with not a supermarket in sight!

TV advert

We deliver

Ocado Way image

Because of Ocado's unique process, by ordering with Ocado you can be sure that it's as good as doing your shopping yourself.

Our first ever TV ad is dramatised by an Ocado shopper in the vast Ocado warehouse, picking her groceries and then loading and driving the famous Ocado van herself.