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Our vision and values

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When we launched Ocado, we had just one goal: to establish the first new ‘supermarket’ in a generation. As our horizons have expanded, our goals, too, have evolved, but the things that make us tick have largely stayed the same: innovation, teamwork, customer service and commitment to the environment.

We know we’ve got something special going on here, and we want to keep hold of that, no matter how big we get. That’s why we decided to create an Ocado “mission statement”, which you can read below.

So, why pin ourselves down to prescribed goals and brand values? It’s big corporates that need ‘mission statements’ and ‘brand values’ surely; not young and vibrant companies like Ocado.

Not at all. Our company is now into its second decade, and growing up fast. The reality is that our world is fast-paced and fast-changing, and it can be all too easy to lose sight of ‘the bigger picture’ in our fierce drive to succeed.

We hope that by sharing our excitement and our values across the business, we’ll inspire every Ocado employee to live them each day they come to work. After all, it’s their extraordinary drive, passion and talent that keeps us moving forward at such a pace.

Our mission statement

To revolutionise the way people shop forever, by giving them a uniquely innovative and greener alternative to traditional grocery shopping.

Our strategy

We aim to be the UK’s greenest, most innovative and best value online grocer, and to exceed our customers’ highest expectations at all times. Living these four goals below will help us to achieve this.

Great value

We’ll use smart thinking and cutting-edge technology to keep honing our uniquely efficient delivery model. This will help us to drive down prices and guarantee exceptional value for money.

Great service

We’ll have a passion for delivering quality groceries in perfect condition on time, and treating our customers with care and honesty. This will help us to share our vision of a different way of shopping: a better, greener and more convenient one.

Great choice

We’ll love what we do, and be proud of all the wonderful groceries that we sell. This will drive us on to offer the widest choice imaginable, and ensure everything we sell is always of the highest quality.

A greener way to shop

We’ll care passionately about our environment. This will spur us on to provide a greener, more sustainable alternative to old-fashioned, store-based supermarket chains.

Sharing our values

Our values act as a guide for everything we say and do. Think of them as Ocado’s DNA. By acting on these shared values and being inspired by them every day, we’ll keep on growing as a company and keep on delivering on our promises to our customers – and each other.

We’re in it together

Teamwork is what makes us greater than the sum of our parts. By being able to depend on one another, we can transform what we do from something good to something great.

Value each person

We will look out for each other, and remember that every individual is important, whether they’re a customer or an Ocado team member. Our willingness to be different means your opinion will always count.

Love what we do

Each one of us can make a big difference to what we achieve by going the extra mile. If we all care passionately and put every effort into what we do, we can make incredible things happen.

We can be even better

Never settle for the way things are. By being proactive and finding better, smarter ways of doing things, we can all have a huge impact on the way we work. Let’s all promise that “it’ll do” will never do.