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Talking Ocado

As our business has grown, we’ve noticed that more and more people are actually taking an interest in what we do.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Ocado tick, this section of our website is for you. It's the bit where we talk about what we're doing, what we're planning to do and what we think about lots of important (and sometimes not-so-important) stuff.

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We’ve got rather a reputation for being passionate, maybe even outspoken, about what we do. Not just about making our business (even) greener, but about all the other things we do too, like offering great value, more choice, better service…

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We set up our popular Facebook page to give you more information about what we’re up to, including shouting about our suppliers, what we’re doing to be even greener, and generally keeping people up to date with life on ‘Planet Ocado’.

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As you’d expect from a bunch of online innovators, we’re right at home on Twitter, shouting about our special offers, fielding customer queries and generally sharing our latest news with the world.

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