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How McCartney got me going meat-free!

March 2010

Let’s be straight. I’m a meat-eater, I enjoy cooking meat, eating meat, and I care passionately about the quality and provenance of my meat. But it’s time to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and tell you why, despite this, I’m throwing my support behind Meat Free Monday.

Concern for environmental issues has always gone right to the heart of the business, so when Meat Free Monday got in touch we listened! We found out that, on a global scale, the meat industry generates nearly one fifth of manmade greenhouse gases . With one hectare of Amazon rainforest lost to meat ranchers every 18 seconds , eating less meat can help to slow the destruction of this ancient forest.

Compassion in World Farming estimates that if the average UK household halved its meat consumption, they’d be cutting more emissions than if they cut their car use by half . What an incredible thought!

So, with this new knowledge to spur me on, I’m getting stuck into Meat Free Monday. It may mean breaking a few habits, but if such a small sacrifice can make such a big impact then I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and getting to grips with veggie curry!

A quick browse through our Recipes Section gave me food for thought, with plenty of tasty ideas for even the most red-blooded carnivore to enjoy.
Take a look if you fancy a few ideas to get you started.

Want to find out more about how going meat-free can cut greenhouse gases and help to feed the world’s hungry?
Follow this link - Meat Free Monday

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