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It’s everything you love about shopping at Ocado, only…

So, what's it all about? Well, start with everything you already love about shopping with us, then add a whole lot more. Go on, take complete control of your grocery shopping.

See the bigger picture.

See more products at a glance - thanks to our new Shelf view and a widescreen-friendly site design.

Stay on top of everything.

New top bar features lots of quick links - check trolley details, book a delivery or see the items you added last.

Get around fast.

Shop or browse for products and offers quickly - drop-down menus, filters and sorting options make it a piece of cake every time.

Seek and ye shall find.

Searching has never been more user-friendly - look out for multi-product searches, wine finders and recipe finders.


Expanded views and enhanced navigation make shopping lightning fast, with the info you need never further than a click or two away.

Welcome home.

A new welcome box on our homepage greets you with a choice of info and navigation options. Book, view or edit your next order; check account settings and details like your Ocado Delivery Pass; edit or shop from lists like Favourites or Previous orders, or just start shopping.

Handy header.

Carry out important tasks using our feature-packed new top bar. Book and amend an order; log in and out or place an order in seconds using Your Instant Shop: it's up to you. While you're shopping, added basket items appear here, you can also change trolley view, see how long you've got to check out, and, of course, keep track of your running total and savings.

Control what you see.

Our 'front of pack' display is now clearer, more compact, and more versatile. Shopping on a slower download speed? Speed things up by reducing the number of products you see on a page. Viewing on a laptop or small screen? Use the 'less info' setting to change image size or display more products on the page.

Brought to account.

All your account details and settings are now accessible straight from the homepage. As you can imagine, this really speeds up routine jobs like editing your Ocado Reserved holiday settings.


Optimised for wide displays, with bigger images, more products and more choice.

Feel the width.

The glorious new design takes advantage of the latest widescreen monitors, while still looking great on standard screens.

Ideas for life.

Look out for our exciting new ocadolife lifestyle section packed with inspirational ideas, features and recipes. Find the perfect dish with our souped-up Recipes finder or browse and shop from the online version of our bi-monthly ocadolife magazine.

See more at a glance.

Introduced by popular demand, our new Shelf view lets you look at products as if they were, well, on a shelf. It's great for checking product info and using the endless scroll to browse through an infinite number of products on a single page. With options for large images, small images and text-only view, you can customise your view to suit your needs.


See the latest offers on your Favourites right from the homepage, or hit the Offers tab to browse all our Top Offers alongside featured products chosen specially for you.


Speed through every part of your shop, from finding groceries to placing an order.

Powerful search engines.

Quickly track down products anywhere from Recipes to our Wine Cellar and search for multiple items using our new and improved 'Find a list of products' feature. Speaking of wine, our wine finder now lets you select multiple options, and automatically hides non-relevant choices (e.g. Chardonnay disappears when you're searching for "red wine").

Improved navigation and menus.

Navigate easily using drop-down menus or the new right-hand navigation options. The trolley is shown in header at all times to help you keep track of your shopping.

Handy lists.

Use these to quickly add products to your basket. View and add products straight from Your Instant Shop, Previous orders, Favourites, Recommended to you and Shopping lists. You can also add any product to your Favourites and add to a list straight from the product info page.

Quick links.

We've placed time-saving links throughout our website to help you get straight to the products you want, from Offers and recommended products on every landing page to a new Favourites tab.


More help, more suggestions and more short-cuts to make your weekly shop a piece of cake.

Cut to the chase.

A comprehensive raft of 'Dietary & Lifestyle' options let you filter groceries according to preference or dietary choice, from 'free from' foods to kosher wines.

Request a refund.

We aim to deliver every item in perfect condition, but if you do ever have a problem with a delivered item, you can now request a refund straight from the homepage as well as the Orders page.

Sorted for shopping.

Viewing a long list of products is made manageable thanks to helpful sort options like 'sort by Favourites first' or by 'longest product life', with yet more to come in the future too.

Following orders.

Our beefed-up Orders section pulls together info about all your current and previous orders, and lets you shop again for a single product or a entire order.

So, like the makeover? Tell us what you think at demandmore@ocado.com

Start shopping

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