Terms & Conditions:
Tesco Price Match

Standard retail prices matched on all identical, branded products at Tesco.com. Does not apply to own-label products, temporary promotions, products pending temporary promotion or any other special offers.

We flag each price-matched product on the website. We recheck prices daily (except for Saturday and Sunday) and will indicate on the website the date and time when the most recent price check was begun (on the detailed information page of each matched product and also at the bottom of each page where price-matched products are flagged). So if Tesco change any prices (say) the day after we price check, that will be picked up by us and matched on the next price check day.

Data is collected for Ocado by an independent price comparison consultancy to produce a list of Tesco.com products and prices. They search a number of Tesco stores, across an area that is representative of the Ocado delivery geography. We intend to price match every identical product, but as Tesco.com availability and product range varies depending on which Tesco store is used to fulfil the Tesco.com order, we may inadvertently have missed a few products in common. If that is pointed out to us we will remedy the position.

Ocado follows the timing of Waitrose temporary promotions. As a result we do not match Tesco temporary promotions. This means that where a product is on promotion at Tesco we match Tesco's standard retail prices and not their temporary promotional prices or mechanics. For example, if a product is on promotion at Tesco and advertised as "Was £2.49 Now £2.25", we will match the standard retail price (the "Was" price), i.e. £2.49. If Tesco has an item on a multi-buy promotion (for example, 'buy one get one free'), we will still match the single unit selling price of the item but not offer the free product.

Ocado promotions: We set the price of products that we place on promotion 5-7 days prior to the promotion starting. From that point onwards we no longer match the Tesco price, but until the promotion begins the product will continue to be sold at the last matched Tesco standard retail price. When the promotion begins customers will receive the full benefit of the Ocado temporary promotion (whether that be a price reduction or a multi-buy promotion). When the promotion ends, we re-match to Tesco's then-current standard retail price.

Please bear in mind that all products in the Ocado catalogue are provided to all customers (and at the same price) irrespective of where they live in the Ocado delivery geography. The Tesco product range varies between stores. We have not compared products from Tesco stores that are outside of the Ocado delivery geography.

You may see some products that are price matched to an earlier date than the most recent price match day. This happens when we can no longer find the product on the Tesco.com website. So we continue to match the last Tesco price we have seen until we reach the conclusion that Tesco no longer stock the product, at which point it stops being part of the price match policy. A small number of products such as magazines are not flagged as being price-matched to Tesco, but in practice are sold by Ocado at Tesco's standard retail price (the price printed on the product). Occasionally Ocado sells these items at a discount in which case they fall outside of the terms of the price-match policy.

All products are supplied subject to availability.

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