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To make sure you’re always getting a good deal on your groceries, we check your comparable shopping against the listed prices at tesco.com. The chances are the comparable shopping already costs less at Ocado. But if it doesn’t, we’ll automatically send you a voucher for more than the difference – right up to £10.

You’ll save a few pennies, maybe more, but either way we do all the checking for you. All you have to do is shop.

What’s included:

Anything that has a like-for-like equivalent at tesco.com. That means:

  • Your favourite brands
  • Ocado own-label or essential Waitrose
  • Promotions
How it works:
  1. You add any of the thousands of products with this symbol to your order.
  2. We compare the total price of those products at the checkout with what you would have paid for an equivalent order at tesco.com – including promotions.
  3. If that comparison shows you could have paid less, we’ll email you a voucher to use on your next shop.

Last week at least 51% of comparable orders were cheaper at Ocado than the listed prices at tesco.com. Money-off vouchers capped at £10 and redeemable against an Ocado order placed in accordance with our usual terms (such as minimum £40 spend) before the voucher expiry date shown. Groceries that qualify for comparison in this promise are identified on the site and consist of identical branded grocery goods which are stocked at both Ocado and tesco.com (not Tesco Direct), as well as Ocado own-label and essential Waitrose products, which have been compared with products of an equivalent quality and nature at tesco.com. We always match to the closest size available and this has meant Ocado own-label and essential Waitrose products have been compared with tesco.com products with up to a 50% (up or down) weight/pack size difference by calculating the equivalent (notional) price – download our list to see which products we compare to. Waitrose core lines sold by Ocado have been excluded from Low Price Promise. Price Promise includes comparable offers at both Ocado and tesco.com (multi-buys etc). Offers incapable of comparison are excluded, for details of these and for full Terms of our Low Price Promise, including verification details, please see www.ocado.com/LPPterms