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Marcello Tully's Thai Fish Cakes

Marcello Tully's Thai Fish Cakes

Brought to you by: Great British Chefs
    6 serving
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Prep time:

Cook time:

Serves: 6

Whiting is a brilliant white fish which is increasingly finding its way onto fine-dining menus. If you cannot find it, use cod or haddock. Making the sweet chilli dip is optional, but is superior to any shop-bought variety.
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  • 700g whiting fillet
  • 47ml fish sauce, 35g for the fish cakes, 12g for the dip
  • 35g thai red curry paste
  • 20g fresh coriander
  • 130g egg
  • 190g caster sugar, 15g for the fish cakes, 175g for the dip
  • 7g salt
  • 50g breadcrumbs
  • 70g spring onions, finely sliced
  • 90g green beans, finely chopped
  • 3 red chillies, finely chopped, 2 for the fish cakes, 1 for the dip
  • 10ml lime juice
  • 4g lemongrass, chopped
  • 20ml sunflower oil
  • 85ml white wine vinegar, for the dip
  • 5g garlic, for the dip
  • 5g fresh ginger, finely chopped, for the dip
  • 10g cornflour, for the dip


Step 1

Place the whiting fillets in a food blender and blitz into a smooth paste. Add all the remaining ingredients, 80ml of water and mix well.

Step 2

Weigh the mix into 80gm portions and then roll each portion into a ball.

Step 3

Place each ball on a board and flatten gently with the palm of your hand, so each ball is turned into a burger-shaped patty.

Step 4

Heat the sunflower oil in a heavy based frying pan and fry the fishcakes for 5 minutes on each side. Then, transfer to a preheated oven, set to 165°C/gas mark 3 and cook for a further 5 minutes.

Step 5

For the dip, mix 25ml of water and cornflour together to dilute the cornflour. Place all the remaining ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Step 6

Once boiling, whisk in the water and cornflour solution and boil for another 1-2 minutes. Serve with the Thai fish cakes.

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