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Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes

What if you’re vegetarian and can’t eat gluten? Then you’d better check out our collection of gluten-free veggie recipes – they have all the flavour you want and none of the gluten that you don’t. Take, for instance, our mushroom steaks with blue cheese, sweet potato wedges, and asparagus and pea shoot salad is a hearty dish that’s packed with flavours. Zoe Adjonyoh has created an absolute powerhouse of a West African-inspired recipe, suya halloumi with easy chalé sauce, combines the Nigerian suya spice mix with the Ghanaian chalé sauce. Finally, we’ll take it up to the north of the continent with Rachel de Thample’s bloody mary horseradish shakshuka, which doesn’t contain vodka but does add the horseradish, celery, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco of the classic cocktail to the Moroccan shakshuka. Vegetarian and meat-free living.