Terms & Conditions:
Low Price Promise

 1. These Terms & Conditions apply to Ocado’s Low Price Promise offer (“LPP”)

 2. The Low Price Promise will be open to customers for deliveries made in accordance with our usual Terms & Conditions.

 3. Your order must include at least one purchase of a Qualifying Product (as defined below) in order to participate in the Low Price Promise.

 4. Qualifying Products will be identified on our website with the Low Price Promise symbol. Qualifying Products are all identical branded grocery goods stocked by Ocado and tesco.com, plus certain Ocado own-label or essential Waitrose products which can be compared with an equivalent Tesco own-label product found on tesco.com (any reference to tesco.com in these terms means tesco.com/groceries and not tesco.com/direct).

 5. Qualifying Products are compared on the basis of meeting the same need or intended for the same purpose. Key characteristics of products have also been identified (such as organic, free range, fair trade, diet, low fat etc) to ensure neither party is given an unfair advantage.

 6. We always match on the most similar size available. In certain cases (which give neither us or Tesco a competitive advantage) products that have up to a 50% weight/pack size difference have been compared by calculating an equivalent price for the different pack size. Therefore in certain cases by applying a conversion factor to a larger product so that it is comparable with a smaller product (or vice versa) we have used as a basis for comparison a notional price for a product not available to purchase.

 7. The Low Price Promise comparison will include promotions at both Ocado and tesco.com and is based on what customers would pay for the Qualifying Products at Ocado checkout against Tesco’s prices listed on tesco.com and excludes any delivery charges. For example, if you purchase a 1 litre carton of Tropicana orange juice for £2.30 from Ocado, and it is sold at Tesco.com for £2, but it is also on a buy two for £3 offer at Tesco.com, we will compare the price paid at Ocado against the single unit price of £2 at Tesco.com. If, however, you buy two 1 litre cartons from Ocado, we will compare our £4.60 price with the promotional price of £3 for two cartons at tesco.com.

 8. Promotions such as offers that apply to the whole order, such as £5 off when you spend £40 or the use of previous LPP Vouchers, Tesco Brand Guarantee, 25% or 100g extra free promotions, bonus loyalty points promotions will be excluded on the basis that it is hard to make a fair comparison.

 9. If the total basket of Qualifying Products that you receive on delivery (taking account of any substitutions or missing items) could have been bought for the same price or more cheaply from tesco.com’s listed prices (excluding the promotions outlined in 8 above) on the date you finally check out your order at Ocado then you will qualify for a voucher for the value of the total price difference plus 1p (“Low Price Promise Voucher”).

10. If your shop qualifies for a Low Price Promise Voucher, you will automatically receive it by email within 3 working days of delivery of your order. If the total price of the Qualifying Products in your Ocado shop is less than it would have been against Tesco.com’s listed prices, we shall send you an email informing you of how much cheaper this was.

11. As emails regarding the LPP directly relate to your transaction, you will receive these communications and any LPP voucher regardless of your marketing opt-out status.

12. The maximum LPP voucher issued will be £10. Your Voucher will be valid for 14 days starting the day after it is emailed to you.

13. To utilise your Low Price Promise Voucher you must place an order in accordance with usual Ocado terms on or before the expiry date displayed on it. You may edit your order after the Voucher has expired and before delivery without losing your Voucher.

14. Items refunded after delivery will have no impact on the Low Price Promise Voucher value.

15. The Low Price Promise Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or credit and may only be used once.

16. Multiple Low Price Promise Vouchers may be used in one order.

17. In the event that a Qualifying Product is not visible on tesco.com, Ocado will not be able to include it in the comparison for the Low Price Promise.

18. If we can no longer find a product on Tesco.com which we have previously compared to a Qualifying Product, we shall use the last price at which we have seen it at tesco.com until we reach the conclusion that the product is no longer sold by tesco.com, at which point we shall stop comparing it.

19. Whilst Ocado believes that information it collects in relation to data from tesco.com is correct, there may be rare occasions when it is not accurate. If you spot any inaccuracies please contact our Call Centre on 0345 656 1234 or 0345 656 1234 or email us ocado@ocado.com.

20. All customers must register their personal details with Ocado and keep Ocado informed of any changes. Ocado cannot be held responsible for any loss of Low Price Promise Vouchers as a result of details which are out of date.

21. All customers are responsible for ensuring that their spam settings on their mailboxes permit emails from Ocado or that they regularly check their junk mail folder. Ocado cannot be held responsible for any loss of Low Price Promise Vouchers as a result of the customer’s mailbox being set to reject emails from Ocado.

22. Low Price Promise Vouchers are non–transferable and remain the responsibility of the customer. Ocado cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from the customer failing to ensure the safe keeping of these details.

23. Ocado may withdraw, cancel, or decline to issue any Low Price Promise Vouchers if it reasonably believes a customer has;

  1. (a) abused or attempted to abuse the Low Price Promise;
  2. (b) breached or attempted to breach these Terms & Conditions;
  3. (c) committed or attempted to commit theft in relation to Ocado, behaved in an abusive or offensive manner towards Ocado staff, or supplied false or misleading information.

24. The Low Price Promise is available to our customer and business account holders.

25. Transactions in relation to which the Low Price Promise Vouchers are earned are subject to all applicable legislation and relevant Ocado Terms & Conditions (including but not limited to minimum order requirements, cancellation, returns and limitations of liability).

26. Ocado shall be entitled to withdraw the Low Price Promise at its sole discretion at any time.

27. If you would like verification of any savings claims, provide feedback, or have any questions or queries, please email ocado@ocado.com.

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