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Ocado Reserved

Ocado Reserved is a free service available to Ocado customers which reserves a regular delivery day and time on a weekly or fortnightly basis. As part of this service, an Instant Shop is generated to hold your reserved delivery slot based on your past shopping history.

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. By signing up to Ocado Reserved you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions that appear below.

These Terms & Conditions were most recently updated on 19th April 2012.


This website is operated by Ocado Retail Limited ("we", "us" or "our"). Use of Ocado Reserved is governed by these Terms & Conditions, Ocado's standard Terms & Conditions of purchase and Ocado's Privacy Policy.

1.1 Ocado Reserved is only available to end consumers 18 years or older using Ocado for private use and is not available for customers who purchase items for business use or for the purpose of resale.

1.2 You must have an Ocado account and have received your first order to sign up for and use the Ocado Reserved service. We reserve the right to accept or refuse your use of the service at our discretion. You can begin using the Ocado Reserved service as soon as you have completed the sign up process on the Ocado website, including the entering of your stored payment card details if this information is not already held by us for your account.

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2.1 Ocado Reserved is a free service offered by Ocado to its customers. No fee applies to this service.

2.2 You have the right to change your mind and cancel your registration to the Ocado Reserved service at any time on the website - please refer to your "membership status" to cancel your reservation. This cancellation will take effect immediately (and will apply to all orders showing for delivery that have not yet been created by the Instant Shop feature). However, orders due to be delivered within the following 8 days or orders that a customer has manually generated through the Ocado Reserved service within a 21 day period will not be cancelled unless done so by the customer within the usual deadlines set out in our Terms & Conditions of Purchase prior to delivery. That is, cancellation is not automatic for these such orders.

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3.1 " By signing up to Ocado Reserved, a customer will be able to reserve the same delivery booking slot on a weekly or fortnightly basis (as the case may be). For example, a customer may wish to receive an order every Saturday morning between 9-10am and Ocado Reserved will allow a customer to reserve this particular day and time slot. Please note however the Ocado Reserved service does not apply during the Christmas week where customers will need to book their order separately on the website in the usual way.

3.2 Once a customer registers for Ocado Reserved, an order will be automatically created on our website known as "Your Instant Shop". Your Instant Shop is populated by using a customer's previous shopping history and identifying the products most likely to be ordered that week by a customer. The frequency of the generation of the Instant Shop depends on the customer's chosen delivery slot ie weekly or fortnightly. The Instant Shop facility is the mechanism for reserving a customer's chosen delivery day and time slot. Customers should be aware that once a chosen delivery day and time slot has been reserved, then you will automatically receive a delivery on that same day and time in accordance with the delivery frequency you have chosen ie weekly or fortnightly for so long as you have registered for Ocado Reserved. If a customer fails to log on to Ocado.com and edit the suggested Instant Shop, then a customer will still receive the suggested items that have been generated by the Instant Shop.

3.3 Ocado Reserved will create your order 6 days before your reserved delivery day and time so as to allow us to take into account customers previous orders and to provide customers an Instant Shop that is most suitable to them. However, there may be occasions whereby a customer's chosen delivery day and time slot are unavailable. If this occurs, Ocado will contact you by email to advise you of this and offer an alternative day and/or time. If a customer fails to respond and accept the alternative day and/or time no order will be delivered to you by Ocado. All orders must still meet any minimum purchase order requirements set out in Ocado's Terms & Conditions of Purchase and there is a limit of one reserved delivery slot per registered customer.

3.4 Customers should be aware that the Instant Shop which is automatically generated when a customer registers for Ocado Reserved is simply a suggested order. A customer can edit the Instant Shop in the usual manner on the Ocado website. Ocado is not liable if a customer fails to edit their order within the usual deadlines set out in our Terms & Conditions of Purchase before delivery is scheduled to take place. All items added to your trolley by the Instant Shop feature will be delivered to you unless unavailable at the point of dispatch, in which case Ocado will offer a substitution. Only substitution(s) may be rejected, and not items generated by Your Instant Shop. It is the customer's responsibility to edit their order and remove/replace items which are not wanted prior to any delivery.

3.5 Please note that Ocado will automatically confirm and checkout your Instant Shop 6 days before your reserved delivery date, meaning you will be charged the prices which are quoted on the Ocado website on this date. If you subsequently amend your order to add items, then the prices charged for new products which were not in your original order will be the prices quoted at the time you confirm your amended order. However, if you add more of the same items which were in your original order, then the prices charged for these items will be the prices quoted on the date on which we automatically confirm your order. Please see Ocado's Terms & Conditions of Purchase for further information on the pricing of substituted goods, goods which are weighed and priced individually, and goods from our butcher and fishmonger (formerly known as service counter goods).

3.6 Delivery can be made to any of the addresses specified by you in the "Details & Settings" section of your account on the Ocado website; however this can be amended within the Ocado Reserved settings homepage to an alternative address if required.

3.7 The Ocado Reserved service is covered by a fair usage policy as set out below:

  • The service may only be used by the named account holder and is not transferable; and
  • You must be, and Ocado reserves the right to request proof that you are, associated with your delivery

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4.1 Ocado reserves the right to monitor a customer's usage of the Ocado Reserved service and to terminate the use of such service (upon notice) if it believes, in its sole discretion, that:

  • the service is being used in breach of the fair usage policy;
  • a customer is cancelling their reserved delivery slot on a regular basis;
  • a customer is in breach of any other of the Terms & Conditions relating to Ocado Reserved or the Ocado Terms & Conditions of Purchase; or
  • a registered Ocado Reserved customer has engaged in conduct that is fraudulent or a misuse of the service or is harmful to our interests.

4.2 If orders are not paid for in full or a customer's bank declines payment on a customer's payment card and as a result, money is owing to Ocado, then Ocado reserves the right to suspend the customer's ability to place further orders on the Ocado website and to use Ocado Reserved until such time as the outstanding balance has been paid in full. In this event, a customer will forfeit their use of the Ocado Reserved service for the period of the suspension.

4.3 In respect of Ocado Reserved, you understand that if the payment card we have on record for you is unavailable (in that we cannot successfully charge you for the order that has been generated using Ocado Reserved), we may immediately terminate your use of the Ocado Reserved service. This means that you will no longer be entitled to a reserved delivery slot (and an instant shop will therefore not be generated) and all new orders going forward will need to be ordered through Ocado.com in the usual manner.

4.4 Our failure to insist upon or enforce your strict compliance with these Terms will not constitute a waiver of any of our rights.

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