Fight food waste

Food belongs in bellies, not bins. Since we started delivering groceries back in 2001, we've made managing food waste our mission. Just 0.02%, or 1 in 6,000 products, are wasted. We believe this is the lowest in our industry, but we still don't think that's good enough. We're going to be the first supermarket with zero edible food waste. Watch our video to find out more.

You're already helping to reduce food waste just by shopping with us — but there's plenty more you can do at home, very easily. We've partnered with government-backed food waste charity WRAP to help give you more ideas.

UK food waste facts

Reap rewards

A family of four can save up to £60 a month just by reducing their food waste. That's £720 a year!

It's not only your budget that benefits. Buy only what you need, and you'll help reduce global warming and deforestation – all from the comfort of your own home.

Weapons against food waste

Your Ocado receipt

Look at 'Orders' on the Ocado app, or check your receipt to see your shopping arranged by expiry dates – it'll make meal-planning a cinch.

Your freezer

Look for the little blue snowflake on packaging to see if you can freeze it until you need it. You can safely freeze food up until the Use-By date.

Double your dinners

Save time and food by cooking extra portions to freeze, or enjoy later in the week.

Storage solutions

Airtight containers preserve food in the fridge and the cupboard.

Our Food Partners

We guarantee customers that we'll deliver food that will be fresh for as long as possible, thanks to our Life Guarantee. This puts us in a unique position; over 95% of the food we redistribute is fresh food, like fruit, veg, and meat. In 2017, we redistributed 2,200 tonnes of food to our Food Partners, preventing it from becoming food waste! So, who are our Food Partners?

Company Shop
Some food gets sold at a big discount to Company Shop, the nation's largest redistributor of surplus. They resell products at up to 70% discount to people all over the UK. They also have charity branches, called Community Shop, which help people recover from food crisis.

Food banks and charities
Because 95% of the food we redistribute is fresh, we're in a special position to support food banks and charities. Most of the time, food banks only receive ambient food, like tins, biscuits, or dry goods. We can donate meat, fish, vegetables and fruit with enough time for them to get out to the people who really need it.

Animal parks
There are animal charities, sanctuaries, and parks who benefit from all this lovely edible fresh food too. They put money saved on food towards conservation projects instead. We've got Partners near each of our three operational Customer Fulfillment Centres – which is where we pack your shopping.

Ocado food waste facts

Want more ideas on how to waste less food? Visit the WRAP website

Love Food, Hate Waste
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