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Chocolate starts at the roots of the cacao tree. So we got stuck in.

“Forget ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate making, we’ve moved on to ‘tree-to-bar’ – something that very few chocolate makers in the world would even consider doing.”

– Angus Thirlwell, CEO and Co-founder of Hotel Chocolat

Guided by the principles of originality, authenticity and ethics, Hotel Chocolat makes chocolate that celebrates cocoa. We use less sugar and more cocoa than other luxury chocolate makers. This makes for a truer, less sweet taste that leaves you more satisfied with a smaller amount. We believe that chocolate starts at the roots of the cacao tree, so we’ve embraced every stage with our own Saint Lucian plantation, Rabot Estate, making us one of the world’s few chocolatiers to actually grow cocoa. A knowledge we put to good use when sourcing beans from other growing regions.

Our chocolatiers sculpt, hone and refine recipes until they’re ‘retail ready’. The only thing missing is any artificial flavours or colour. Nature supplies all we need.

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