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    There are more than twenty leading Italian brands in the Ciao Gusto family. Here's a little more about one of those brands whose delicious products you'll find in our selection of cold meats, fish and antipasti.

    For more information about Ciao Gusto and the stories behind all of our brands, together with over 250 mouthwatering Italian recipes, visit:

    Delicius is a family-run Italian company founded in Parma in 1974 and is Italy's leading producer of anchovies, mackerel, pilchards and shrimp. Importantly, although our company oversees operations across the world, we ensure that all of our fish is responsibly and sustainably sourced.

    Our famous anchovies, for example, come from carefully selected international fisheries. From choosing the best catch, to our traditional salting and filleting practices, everything we do is typically Italian. Boneless, skinless and preserved in pure olive oil – our anchovies are simply the best!



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