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    What is Ibérico ham?

    Spain produces many of the world's finest hams. Its Ibérico and serrano hams are both traditionally made by dry salting and long, slow curing.

    Ibérico hams are long-cured and made from black Iberian-breed pigs (often called "Pata Negra"), which have ranged freely and eaten a diet rich in "bellotas" (acorns) compared to typically shorter-cured serrano hams from white pigs. Ibérico ham is wonderfully aromatic with a melting texture and outstanding flavour.

    Drinks pairings

    • Serrano ham and cider
    • Ibérico ham and Champagne

    Food pairings

    • Top a pizza hot from the oven with coin-sized pieces of serrano ham
    • Fold strips of Ibérico ham into creamy scrambled eggs
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